Porn teaches men they are gods. Pop culture teaches men that the epitome of success is to be surrounded by naked women, fawning over you. Prostitution exists because we, as a culture, very much believe that women exist to pleasure men. We tell women that they have to “work” in marriage, to keep their men happy, to keep them from straying — buy sexy lingerie, try threesomes, try anal, perform every porn fantasy he has — he needs it, he deserves it, it is your job.

We can continue to skirt around these truths — that the sex industry and our patriarchal culture breed men like Rodger — but expect more violence, more deaths, more rape, and more abuse. Our world is rife with Elliot Rodgers. We create them every day. They aren’t going anywhere.



Yoooo here’s my Senketsu snapback.  I used fabric paint, sharpie and texture paint for the white outline of ‘klk’.  I wanted his eye to look almost embroidered so I used about 6 layers of paint for each color to make it sorta pop out.  For the black eye-patch boob-patch I used black sharpie and a silver paint pen for the cross & outline.  The white outline came out a bit sloppy since I got the wrong kind of bottle for applying (oops) but can be easily fixed. 

I want it!!!